3M Wetordry Abrasive Sheet, 02035, 9 in x 11 in, P800, 50 sheets per box, 5 boxes per case — 02035-1

Our 3M Wetordry Abrasive Sheet 213Q is best suited for metal sanding and finishing thanks to its versatility and fast cutting abrasive material. Its flexible, A-weight paper backing provides smooth operation and durability and can conform to the shape of contoured parts for consistent finishing. Aluminum Oxide Abrasive Aluminum oxide is a popular choice among industrial professionals because of its fast cut-rate and long life. This mineral makes a tough, durable abrasive that self-fractures to expose fresh cutting edges, whereas traditional natural abrasives dull more quickly. Due to its fast cut-rate, hardness, and strength, it is widely used for sanding and finishing applications. Aluminum oxide is suitable for use on a wide variety of materials in metalworking and auto body repair. Waterproof and Heat Resistant This paper also uses a resin bonding which is specially designed to resist thermal and chemical deterioration, which can occur during sanding. This bond is very tough and excellent for precision work on hard and soft surfaces. This also allows for faster sanding and a higher cut rate. The waterproof coating enables the user to rinse areas of the workpiece and the paper during use to prevent dust and debris from clogging the points of the abrasive, while producing a faster cut at the same time.
  • Aluminum Oxide abrasive cuts fast and provides a consistent, fine finish
  • Light, A-weight paper backing offers excellent flexibility in hands on applications
  • Resin bonding resists deterioration from heat, extending the life of the abrasive cloth
  • Waterproof material allow for easy debris removal
  • Can be easily cut and folded to fit any hand tool or work piece crevice
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